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Started by Bride-to-be, Catherine.

3 years ago, I was honored to be the chief bridesmaid at my cousin wedding. This was the first time I actually participated in wedding planning. I had been a bridesmaid multiple times but was never really immersed in the wedding. With my cousins wedding, I realized there were tons of decisions to be made;

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Luckily, my family is very handy. My cousin’s mum constantly staged tables until we came up with the perfect table setting. My aunts came up with the bouquets and the invitation cards and lots more.

However, as much as my family could handle most things there were a lot that we still had to find. Finding a DJ that understands Nigerian music, a person to serve food etc.

Then it dawned on me. I probably will be getting married in the next few years. Where will I find the people to get my dream wedding and within my budget? There were chances that I will get married in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I live or in Nigeria. I hardly know Nigerians in the area and definitely no event vendors that understand how Nigerians roll. If I did get married in Nigeria, I did not know how I would find vendors that understood my vision (and within price).

I had seen a few bad complaints about some vendors I thought were good

Yes, there was Instagram. But I did not want to choose a person simply because they were instafamous!!!

I had seen a few bad complaints about some people I thought were good but I needed a single to find vendors and see what people were saying about them.

Fast forward to 2017, Bows and Diamonds is born and just at the right time as I am engaged.